Will Melanotan Give You a Natural Looking Tan?

1If you want to have a tan that is pretty and looks natural but do not want to worry about the sun’s harmful rays, there are several better ways you can get one.

One of the most used fake tanning products at the moment is something called Melanotan. A chemical-based tanning agent that may be able to give you a pretty tan that also looks natural.

How do you use Melanotan? — Melanotan is given with an injection. You can inject it yourself in your leg, your arm, your stomach or your buttock. Once injected the Melanotan starts to circulate in your blood stream, and causes your skin to begin turning brown.

How do you activate Melanotan? — You cannot just inject yourself with Melanotan and then hope your tan begins to develop, as the product does not work that way.

Instead, you must be sure to get some sun exposure for a few minutes soon after you have injected it. The sun will then activate the Melanotan, and your tan will slowly begin to appear.

Is Melanotan dangerous? — No, it is not dangerous at all.

By using Melanotan instead of lying outside for hours at a time in order to become browner, you prevent yourself from eventually getting skin cancer. You also prevent lines, wrinkles and age spots that will make you look much older than your actual years.

You are also highly unlikely to experience any side effects so, in most cases, Melanotan is completely safe to use for everyone.

How often can you use it? — If you want to have a permanent tan, you will need to re-inject yourself with melanotan every few weeks, and then get more sun exposure each time.

This will allow you to have a long-lasting natural looking tan, while ensuring you do not have to sunbathe for many hours to get one. Nor will you have to keep exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays to maintain it.


Melanotan Offers People a Natural Way to Tan Without Harmful Effects from the Sun’s Rays

There is no doubt about the benefits obtained from fresh air and sunshine. However, there are some precautions people need to take if they will be spending a lengthy amount of time in the sun. Scientific researchers discovered several decades ago, that the sun’s rays could cause damage to the skin. In fact, prolonged periods of unprotected exposure to the sun has been shown to be a major factor in skin cancer. Although there are many creams and lotions available to help guard against damage from the sun’s rays, one of the best solutions is found in a revolutionary new product known as Melanotan.

Working from the Inside

Probably the best advantage to using Melanotan is the product’s ability to work from the inside out. The product is available as an injection that comes in a formula designed to match the body’s own peptide enzymes. Melanin is a substance the body produces naturally to give color to the skin. The higher the amount of melanin, the darker the skin tone and the less absorbent it is to the rays from the sun. This same enzyme is also responsible for the tanning people obtain naturally when exposed to direct sunlight. Melanotan increases the body’s ability to tan, which reduces the amount of dangerous rays it absorbs from the sun.

Online Retailers

Anyone interested in purchasing melanotan will find it available through online retail sites that specialize in the sale of this product. Navigating to the website could provide visitors with information on how the product works, what it consists of and how it is sold. As a product designed to be injected, Melanotan is often shipped in vials containing a powder that has been freeze dried. These 10mg bottles are sealed in a manner that keeps the content sterile until the purchaser is ready to use it.

Melanotan Can Be Used For Tanning

Melanotan is a great tanning drug that can be administered right from home. People have had a lot of good things to say about Melanotan as it is used. They are pleased to give a try for themselves when possible. Users will notice a tan start to develop after some consistent use as well. People are amazed with the results that they see shortly after the drug is administered. Always use Melanotan as directed by the manufacturer.

The injection compound is the reason why Melanotan is so helpful. The tan is perfect for weight lifters who want to perfect their look. Bodybuilders will do well during a major event or stage show. That is good for their careers and could help anyone along the way. Melanotan is the best choice people want to consider if they can. That will be a difference maker everyone wants to consider for their own career.

Read customer reviews to understand melanotan as it is used. The injection is being reviewed by a lot of people interested in the substance. Melanotan is a great resource for those hoping to tan their bodies. Customer reviews will discuss many different aspects of the injection. Melanotan is more popular because of the details that have emerged. People have some good insight and new users will be captivated by the reviews. Do proper research before choosing to use the supplement in time.

The cost of Melanotan is more valuable than some might think. Be ready to pay a fair market price for the injection kit. The kit will be shipped and sent to the home as designated. Melanotan is a reputable product and people want to know more about it themselves. Shipping and handling fees will be assessed for the order. Fees are used to process the order quickly.

Melanotan and Bodybuilding

Exercise is very important in the world today mostly because of the various benefits it brings about. Bodybuilding has been taken up by many individuals in the world and this is because of the fame that the sport has gotten over the years. Too many individuals bodybuilding is a way of life and it is not just about adding body mass but it is also about muscle definition and also doing the best so as the muscles can be seen during competition or in other activities in the profession. Fitness is also a very important aspect of exercise since most people do it for its aesthetic value and in order to be able to see the physical change better and faster.

Melanotan 2 helps a person who is exercising especially those who do it for fitness purpose to achieve their targets in terms of how their skin looks. Melanotan 2 is a peptide whose main purpose is tanning. The peptide found in melanotan is a peptide that excites the production of melanin in the body of the individuals using it so that the individual can have a tan that is natural and deep. A person using Melanotan 2 will have a better-looking tan than other individuals who apply other products in order to achieve the tan. The role of melanin in the body is to protect the skin from damage by UV light and thus the skin is slightly darkened as a protective mechanism from the damage.

The reason why people in the fitness and bodybuilding industry may benefit from the tanning peptide is that tanning makes muscles appear more prominent. The muscles of people with darker tone appear more and in order for a person to achieve full tan in the body, they have to be exposed to potentially damaging and dangerous UV light. This is why Melanotan 2 is the safest and best solution for achieving a natural tan.

How Melanotan Works Perfectly With Weight Lifters

Getting an even tan is important for health conscious individuals. That tan will make them feel better about their toned body too. Melanotan is perfect for the novice weight lifter in training. They can tan their bulky frame and get ready for the big stage. People will compliment a tanned physique whenever possible after Melanotan starts to work overall. The supplement is marketed towards those that are health conscious individuals. That makes it easy to buy on the open market as well.

Learn how to use the substance according to the instructions. Use a syringe to draw in the correct amount of Melanotan for an injection. It takes a steady hand to inject the right amount in to the body. Melanotan is noted for its effectiveness and reliability for those using it. Users have commented on its effectiveness in the past as well. That bodes well for the substance and the industry that manufacturers the compound.

Wait for results to show up on the body itself. Users should find their body taking on a natural tan over time. That is more convenient than the alternative that people have tried. Sun tanning can cause skin cancer, making the option a risky choice. Try Melanotan as an alternative to traditional tanning methods people have used. Bodybuilders will find good use out of the substance itself.

Consider the overall cost to trying melanotan as it was designed. The product will need to be ordered through a reputable manufacturer to get started. Melanotan is well worth the upfront investment that people need to make. The substance is renowned for its useful effects and does command a fair price tag. Add items to a cart, including paraphernalia needed to conduct the injection itself. Shipping costs will be tabulated later, which could add to the final cost.

No Need to Compromise on Health or Looks

Looking great should always be a balance

Looks can be a rather complex subject. In theory it’s just one part of life. Something that’s important, but which needs to be weighed against other aspects of one’s life or lifestyle. In practice it’s a bit more complex than that. A person’s appearance touches on almost every other part of life. It has to do with overall attractiveness, of course. It’s also tied in with self image, confidence, happiness and even success in life. Appearance in and of itself might not seem like the most important part of life. However, it really carries the weight of many other important parts of life as well.

An argument can be made that the only other thing as important as appearance is health. Just like appearance, health carries the results of other important things in life. There’s only one big problem. Sometimes it seems like one will be forced to choose between health and appearance. Tanning is one of the perfect examples of this issue. Tanning will make someone look great. But it’s usually associated with damage to one’s skin cells. There is another way to look at the issue though. It’s not really the tan that’s unhealthy, it’s the traditional tanning process. There is another way to get a tan than those traditional methods.

A tan without standard tanning

The healthy way to get a great tan is through the use of melanotan. Melanotan can be thought of as a way to instantly turn on the tanning response. Normally tanning only happens as a response to ongoing damage to skin. That’s why tanning tends to take a toll on skin health after a while. Melanotan basically puts the tanning process under someone’s active control. Someone simply needs to take melanotan and get minor exposure to the sun. This will be exposure that’s well within the amount of sun everyone should be getting every day. The tiny bit of sun will release a tiny bit of tanning pigment. But the melanotan will keep that process going even after someone’s gotten out of the sun. And it turns into a tan that’s not just attractive, but also healthy.

Melanotan 101

1Melanotan 2, otherwise known as MT2, is a peptide designed to stimulate your body’s tanning responses with minimal exposures to sunlight. This may be a wonderful way to get a tan without even having to spend weeks out in the sun, going through burning and healing processes. Using MT2, users experience faster tanning and healing to their damaged skin cells than is otherwise considered possible. Thus, it’s especially suited to those whose skin is rather pale – those at greatest risk of skin cancer. How’s MT2 used?

Use and More

This peptide’s shipped by vials in its powder-dried form that reconstitutes using sterile water and is then injected directly under the skin, where it’s absorbed into the skin and spread throughout.

The Benefits

Minimal UV Exposure

MT2 still requires direct exposure to sunlight in order to be fully effective but requires far less time to develop a proper tan than without peptides.


Users may take small loading doses and continue until reaching desired pigmentation, after when they’ll only need to properly dose once every two to keep the same pigmentation.

Lasting Tan

Even if the dosage stops, a warm tan will last for months without full exposure to the sun. In contrast, tans that developed naturally will fade in approximately one month.

Notes and Considerations


It’s difficult to imagine that seemingly reputable sites can sell an ineffective product; you should research before making any purchase, however, as many vendors offer products inferior or falsely labeled. MT II peptide is a common false label used.


Many products on the market sell as tanning peptides – products from nasal spray to pills or even sprinkles on flakes – despite claims of these products being safer and easier to use.

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