A New Way to Capture That Perfect Glow


It’s not always easy to look one’s best

Everyone wants to look their best. It’s one of those human universals that everyone can safely assume. But what’s not so easy to assume is how one can actually go about doing so. Again, much of the difficulty comes about due to subjectivity. Everyone wants to look their best. But not everyone can agree about exactly what that means. This uncertainty can cause people to chase after any number of unrealistic goals. But it’s often better to set one’s sights at something more realistic. One should look for things that almost everyone can agree on. And one of the most commonly accepted beauty ideals can be found within the idea of a great tan. Most people love how they look with a tan. And they appreciate it in others as well. There’s only one problem. It’s becoming rare simply due to the fact that people have realized what long term exposure to the sun can do.

A new safe way to get a great tan

Thankfully there’s a new way to get all of the good that comes with a great tan without having to risk long term exposure to the sun. The secret is a substance called melanotan. It acts as a catalyst for the elements within one’s body that react to sunlight. When one walks out into the sun the melanotan will begin a chain reaction. A person’s body will instantly react as if they’d been in the sun for a long time. But this is only in the most superficial sense. It will produce a tanning effect as one’s body releases melanin. But this will occur without the damage that usually accompanies long term exposure to the sun. It will essentially produce a great tan without damaging one’s skin.


Melanotan Explained


Melanotan Explained

In order to understand what melanotan is we must first look at the word Melanin. Melanin is the Greek word for Pigment or pigmentation of the skin. Melanin is inside the body and it allows the skin to react to the sun as a form of protection. Melanin turns the skin darker when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However the skin does not always produce enough of the chemical. Sometimes the skin needs a little help in this area.

Melanotan is an artificial or synthetic chemical.

When the body does not naturally make enough of one specific chemical it is necessary to supplement it. This same case is said for the chemical Melanin in the form of Melanotan. Some people are extremely fair skinned and their bodies do not produce enough of the chemical for them to tan. This is where Melanotan come into play. The artificial chemical comes in a powder form. This powder is mixed with a specific amount of sterilized water solution. The small dose is injected underneath the skin once a week.
The small dose is absorbed in the skin causing the skin to react when the skin is exposed to the sunlight. The skin can also react when exposed to an artificial light source like a tanning bed.

Reduced Exposure Time

Skin that is white or pale is able to tan even when it is not exposed to the sun for a long period of time. When the melanotan is used it helps people tan faster. It also helps to protect the skin from burning or extreme sunburn. The first initial dose age is small and once a week until the skin is the darkness the individual wishes it to be. Once the perfect condition is reached the dose can be reduced to once monthly or stopped. The skin will stay tanned for one or two months.