Tanning Can Actually Be Healthy and Helpful


Healthy mind and healthy body

People often lose sight of the fact that a healthy mind and healthy body tend to go together. Fifty or sixty years ago there might have been some merit in the idea that people could look amazing even without being very intelligent. But that was also a point where the bar was rather low due to the lack of understanding about how human biology works. These days people recognize the difficulties presented by various different lifestyles. For example, just eating under a certain calorie point will make someone skinny. But that pales in comparison to someone who works out and stays both slim and toned. And someone can use various products on their hair, but it won’t be able to match someone who uses those products while also ensuring that they’re getting the right vitamins and minerals to promote a natural healthy sheen to their hair. And people can tan by laying in the sun for a long time, but this will quickly catch up to them in the form of leathery skin and cancer. But intelligence and planning comes into play with tanning as well. Because people who keep abreast of medical discoveries know that it’s actually possible to trigger the body’s tanning response without the dangers associated with long term exposure to the sun.

Beauty just needs to be triggered on a cellular level

The secret to looking great long term with a tan without any danger has to do with melanin. It’s the dark pigment generated by cells to protect the skin against the sun. But it’s normally only triggered in very small amounts over an extended period of time in the sun. However, a substance known as melanotan will modify this behavior to change the slow trickle of initial melanin to the cell’s entire payload. This means that one can have a great tan without actually causing any damage to one’s skin. The melanotan will tell one’s body to generate a full tan after only a very short amount of time in the sun. Not nearly long enough to cause any damage to the skin. By using it one can look great and display that healthy glow of perfect health to the world.

Bringing the Best Things in Life Together


The link between beauty and health

When one looks at the natural world it’s easy to be struck by how much simplier things can seem. Animals have the luxury of fairly simple ideas. In particular, they seldom differentiate between beauty and health. If an animal is considered beautiful by other members of that species it’ll usually be in good health. And if the animal is in good health, it’ll be considered attractive to other members of the species. Sadly, humans often have different ideas about the link between health and beauty. Culture tends to move far slower than actual discoveries about what is and isn’t healthy. The end effect is that many things which aren’t very healthy will still evoke a feeling of admiration or envy when we see it. A great example of this is a good tan. It’s been known for some time now that tanning can drastically increase chances of developing any number of serious health problems. Anything from dried and leathery skin to actual cancer. But we still find tans beautiful to look upon. Thankfully, this leads into one amazing thing that humans have the advantage in when compared to any other species. We’re smart enough to develop shortcuts when needed.

A shortcut to the healthy tan

The trick comes from separating a tan from the process of tanning. A tan is simply the accumulation of a pigment called melanin within skin cells. What induces melanin production and distribution is long term exposure to sun related damage. But researchers have created a new substance called melanotan. Melanotan waits for the very first signal of melanin propagation. And instead of having the body release a tiny bit of it the melanotan will ensure that the full store of it is used. This means that one simply needs to get a safe level of short term sun exposure to get a tan. And by doing so one can fully avoid the negative health effects normally associated with tanning.

Melanotan Beautiful Natural Looking Tan

tanning-sun-tanSome information on how to use Melanotan!

Melanotan is a chemical that is available in the United States and other countries around the world. It’s a chemical designed to give it’s users the most beautiful natural looking tan. Melanotan can be safely injected into the stomach to produce the desired results. When it’s injected it produces the melanogenesis effect, which is the process in the pigmentation of the skin that allows it to darken with exposure to the sun. This process of using melanotan replicates that process without having users being exposed to harmful rays from the sun. This chemical increases the amount of melan in the skin to produce the tan and actually allows the tan to last much longer than even a natural tan. There are two basic distinct ways to administer the melanotan into the system.

One is to inject melanotan directly into the fatty area of one’s stomach. Melanotan is also available in a nasal spray. The popular method is the inject-able version, as this way seems to work the best and last the longest. The nasal model is said to be only half as effective as the inject-able kind. Some people experience mild nausea after the first injection, but routinely report that the nausea lasts about 10 to 20 minutes and normally does not reoccur with later injections. However users are advised that they do have to have some sun exposure in order to activate the melanotan. It’s a much reduced amount of time for melanotan to produce the desired results. It can be artificial exposure such as a tanning booth or natural exposure to the sun that will activate the melanotan. Another plus of using melanotan is that a person reduces their chances of being able to burn or peel while using the melanotan.

About Melanotan


We all tan by a process of melanin being introduced in our skin. This is the genetic material in the skin that easily allows people to tan. Some people have large amounts of melanin in their skin well others have few. Many people like tanned looks, and aim to increase the amount of melanin in their skin to promote a tanned look.

Melanotan Peptide

Melanotan is a product, a peptide, that can be used to simulate a tan all year long. individuals who want the look of a tan, but hate the time that must be put into tanning, or don’t want the expense and possible hazards of using tanning beds or other accelerants, may wish to use Melanotan. It is the type of options you might want to use at all times for tanning. You can use an easy way to get the types of tanning options that you are looking forward to. It is just one of the ways you can get the sort of tan you have always wanted.


You can use melanotan or MT a peptide that stimulates the tanning response in the body. Use it to get the tan you have always wanted. This works very simply by vial in a powder dried form that is reconstituted using sterile water and then injected under the skin. This will create a tanning response within the body so you can get the sort of tan you want in a relatively short period of time. this is what is great about Melanotan and why you might want it in your life.This product can easily be ordered online. When you see how easy it is to get a tan with Melanotan you will never use anything else.

A New Way to Capture That Perfect Glow


It’s not always easy to look one’s best

Everyone wants to look their best. It’s one of those human universals that everyone can safely assume. But what’s not so easy to assume is how one can actually go about doing so. Again, much of the difficulty comes about due to subjectivity. Everyone wants to look their best. But not everyone can agree about exactly what that means. This uncertainty can cause people to chase after any number of unrealistic goals. But it’s often better to set one’s sights at something more realistic. One should look for things that almost everyone can agree on. And one of the most commonly accepted beauty ideals can be found within the idea of a great tan. Most people love how they look with a tan. And they appreciate it in others as well. There’s only one problem. It’s becoming rare simply due to the fact that people have realized what long term exposure to the sun can do.

A new safe way to get a great tan

Thankfully there’s a new way to get all of the good that comes with a great tan without having to risk long term exposure to the sun. The secret is a substance called melanotan. It acts as a catalyst for the elements within one’s body that react to sunlight. When one walks out into the sun the melanotan will begin a chain reaction. A person’s body will instantly react as if they’d been in the sun for a long time. But this is only in the most superficial sense. It will produce a tanning effect as one’s body releases melanin. But this will occur without the damage that usually accompanies long term exposure to the sun. It will essentially produce a great tan without damaging one’s skin.

Melanotan Explained


Melanotan Explained

In order to understand what melanotan is we must first look at the word Melanin. Melanin is the Greek word for Pigment or pigmentation of the skin. Melanin is inside the body and it allows the skin to react to the sun as a form of protection. Melanin turns the skin darker when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However the skin does not always produce enough of the chemical. Sometimes the skin needs a little help in this area.

Melanotan is an artificial or synthetic chemical.

When the body does not naturally make enough of one specific chemical it is necessary to supplement it. This same case is said for the chemical Melanin in the form of Melanotan. Some people are extremely fair skinned and their bodies do not produce enough of the chemical for them to tan. This is where Melanotan come into play. The artificial chemical comes in a powder form. This powder is mixed with a specific amount of sterilized water solution. The small dose is injected underneath the skin once a week.
The small dose is absorbed in the skin causing the skin to react when the skin is exposed to the sunlight. The skin can also react when exposed to an artificial light source like a tanning bed.

Reduced Exposure Time

Skin that is white or pale is able to tan even when it is not exposed to the sun for a long period of time. When the melanotan is used it helps people tan faster. It also helps to protect the skin from burning or extreme sunburn. The first initial dose age is small and once a week until the skin is the darkness the individual wishes it to be. Once the perfect condition is reached the dose can be reduced to once monthly or stopped. The skin will stay tanned for one or two months.

Having Fun Without Needing so Much Sun

1Everyone wants to be beach body ready

Everyone wants to look their best when Summer begins to make itself known. The best case scenario will always involve visions of looking amazing while frockling with friends in the sun. All eyes turned to look in admiration at one’s amazing body. But at the same time there’s a lot of issues with this kind of fun in the sun. Usually looking one’s best on the beach will involve a great tan. And that, in turn, will also usually involve some quite significant health risks. To be healthy in the sun means using a strong sunblock. But that will also tend to block out any chance of a great tan. It’s an unfortunate compromise that often seems forced on people when Summer approaches. Thankfully though, there finally is a way to have one’s cake and eat it too. One can have a great tan on the beach while also protecting one’s skin against carcinogenic overexposure to the sun. The solution is called melanotan.

Looking great without any risks

Melanotan is a special formula that’s designed to hypercharge one’s ability to tan. Because it’s not having a tan that’s the medical risk. It’s the process of spending huge amounts of time in the sun in order to get that bronzed look. Melanotan acts as a catalyst which acts when the tanning process begins. The second the tanning response starts, melanotan begins to work. It essentially tells one’s body to release a massive amount of its natural tanning agents in response to a very small amount of sunlight. It’s essentially a way to trick the body into thinking that it needs to release a lot of natural pigment to protect against a massive influx of sunlight. But in reality it’s always just a very safe, very small, amount of natural sunlight. But the resulting tan is also naturally amazing.