All About Melanotan

1There are different process to achieve a nice tan and to make your skin more attractive. One is to expose your body directly to the sun with the risk of getting skin problems, and the other one is to use Melanotan Peptide.

In fact, each skin is different in every person, this is why, when using Melanotan, people with sensitive skin will benefit from using it. The burning sensation and damage from sun exposure are dangerous and the healing process can take longer.

Therefore, when you wish to maintain the tan in your body for weeks, or months, the solution is, to begin with certain dosage, and maintaining the same amount for a period of time, until you get the tan that you feel comfortable.

The Fitzpatrick skin chart will show you the different types of skin and will suggest the correct dosage for your own skin type. The only method with positive and excellent results is by injection. There are other products in the market, as pills, sprays, and powder that will not give you the same results.

When using injections the results are faster and following the skin chart, you will know in advance the amount you need to begin the treatment. Each therapy begins with a starting dose, a loading dose, and a maintenance dose.

After finding the right dose for your skin type, you still need sun exposure, and you must be careful about how long you expose your body. In fact, it could be damaging to the skin if you spend long hours in the sun.

The advantages of using melanotan are exactly that, you do not need to spend hours in the sun to achieve the tan you desire and, also your tan will last longer.