Will Melanotan give you a natural looking tan?


     If you want to have a tan that is pretty and looks natural but do not want to worry about the sun’s harmful rays, there are several better ways you can get one.

One of the most used fake tanning products at the moment is something called Melanotan. A chemical-based tanning agent that may be able to give you a pretty tan that also looks natural.

How do you use Melanotan? — Melanotan is given with an injection. You can inject it yourself in your leg, your arm, your stomach or your buttock. Once injected the Melanotan starts to circulate in your blood stream, and causes your skin to begin turning brown.

How do you activate Melanotan? — You cannot just inject yourself with Melanotan and then hope your tan begins to develop, as the product does not work that way.

Instead, you must be sure to get some sun exposure for a few minutes soon after you have injected it. The sun will then activate the Melanotan, and your tan will slowly begin to appear.

Is Melanotan dangerous? — No, it is not dangerous at all.

By using Melanotan instead of lying outside for hours at a time in order to become browner, you prevent yourself from eventually getting skin cancer. You also prevent lines, wrinkles and age spots that will make you look much older than your actual years.

You are also highly unlikely to experience any side effects so, in most cases, Melanotan is completely safe to use for everyone.

How often can you use it? — If you want to have a permanent tan, you will need to re-inject yourself with Melanotan every few weeks, and then get more sun exposure each time.

This will allow you to have a long-lasting natural looking tan, while ensuring you do not have to sunbathe for many hours to get one. Nor will you have to keep exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays to maintain it.


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