Melanotan Offers People a Natural Way to Tan Without Harmful Effects from the Sun’s Rays

There is no doubt about the benefits obtained from fresh air and sunshine. However, there are some precautions people need to take if they will be spending a lengthy amount of time in the sun. Scientific researchers discovered several decades ago, that the sun’s rays could cause damage to the skin. In fact, prolonged periods of unprotected exposure to the sun has been shown to be a major factor in skin cancer. Although there are many creams and lotions available to help guard against damage from the sun’s rays, one of the best solutions is found in a revolutionary new product known as Melanotan.

Working from the Inside

Probably the best advantage to using Melanotan is the product’s ability to work from the inside out. The product is available as an injection that comes in a formula designed to match the body’s own peptide enzymes. Melanin is a substance the body produces naturally to give color to the skin. The higher the amount of melanin, the darker the skin tone and the less absorbent it is to the rays from the sun. This same enzyme is also responsible for the tanning people obtain naturally when exposed to direct sunlight. Melanotan increases the body’s ability to tan, which reduces the amount of dangerous rays it absorbs from the sun.

Online Retailers

Anyone interested in purchasing melanotan will find it available through online retail sites that specialize in the sale of this product. Navigating to the website could provide visitors with information on how the product works, what it consists of and how it is sold. As a product designed to be injected, Melanotan is often shipped in vials containing a powder that has been freeze dried. These 10mg bottles are sealed in a manner that keeps the content sterile until the purchaser is ready to use it.