Melanotan Peptide Also Know as MT2 Injections

Melanotan Peptide Also Know as MT2 Injections


Melamine or Melatonin – is an amino acid and sometimes called Throsine. In the human body the amino acid oxidizes this causes the body skin to produce pigmentation. The pigmentation is caused in the group of cells called melanocytes. There are two types of pigmentation the types in the human body are brown and black. UV ray from the exposure to the sun light caused the skin to darken naturally or normally. Lasting effects as long as 6 to 12 hours.

New forms of Injections & Multi Function Injections

The new form of inject able medication is called melanotan peptide. The Injections are also called MT2. These injections have multiple functions. One they help the body to produce more melamine. The injections reduce the time a person has to be exposed to direct UV rays from the sun. However, the tanning or skin darkens much faster. This means that the best time to be exposed to the sunlight is within 6 – 12 hours of the injections. One last function that these injections are knows to help with is erectile dysfunction.

Reduces Healing Time

Reduces the time a person has to spend exposed to direct UV rays from the sun! However, the tanning or skin darkens much faster. MT2 not only allows quicker tanning but it helps the bodies skin recover in less time from damage. One study has determined the MT2 injections lower the risk of developing skin cancers in pale skinned individuals.

Dry to Liquid Form and Absorption

MT2 the Melatonin Injections begin in a dry powder form that by the use of sterile water! The injections are given just under the Dermis or the second layer of skin. After the injections are given they are absorbed directly into the bodies skin.

Caution and side Effects

MT2 should be taken carefully and the lowest dose is often the best to begin with. Some of the side effects are as follows but not limited to all or part! Redness at the injection site, fatigue, upset stomach, or can cause change in an eating habit.