Tanning is a huge problem because there are thousands of people that have the desire to be tanner but, the problem is people feel they can’t be tan without harming their skin, and putting themselves at a risk for skin cancer. But that is where that’s not true you now can get a natural tan without having to put yourself at a huge risk for skin cancer, or go through all the sun burning that no one likes. The product is called Melanotan which is used to activate the Melatonin in your body as that is what controls how tan you are. By activating this when you go out in the sun for just a little bit you are able to achieve a tan that otherwise put you at risk for skin damage, and cancer because of prolonged sun exposure.

The product is also proven effective for those that can’t seem to tan no matter how hard they try. Some people just have very little Melatonin and it isn’t very active in their body causing them to be very pale in complexion and may not be able to tan naturally until Melanotan. By use of the product everyone can achieve some kind of nice tan. The way to control how dark of a tan you get is to limit the treatments, and sun exposure if you don’t want to get any darker. Just like a natural tan though after the treatments have stopped and you are not in the then the tan will slowly fan away as your body will think that you no longer need that tan. Another huge advantage of using the product is that you will get some natural protection from the sun. That doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen as it is best to still use it but you will be less likely to get skin cancer.


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