Is It Worth Using Melanotan If You Want A Tan?


     Have you been considering getting a tan as one of the ways of making yourself look more attractive, but you are worried about skin cancer?

If so, you have every right to be, as skin cancer can kill.

That is why more and more people are turning to a substance called melanotan. A substance in pill form that, if you take it for a few days, can give you a natural looking fake tan without having to worry about any sun exposure.

Is it worth using melanotan? — You may have heard of melanotan, and may still be wondering if it is worth using. After all, you do still have to lie out in the sun for it to work, right?

The answer to that is, yes, you do have to get a little sun exposure after you take a your melanotan, but just 15 minutes will get your sun tan started and that is far less su exposure than a natural tan requires.

Does melanotan work? — Most people who take melanotan in order to get a good tan report not only does it work, but that it works very well.

So much so, many who use it say as long as they keep taking regular doses of melanotan every few days, they can maintain a natural looking tan all year round without having to worry about skin cancer at all.

How long do you have to take melanotan? — It depends on how long you want to have a tan.

If you take it for a few days, you will get the tan you want and it will last a few weeks. If you want to have a natural looking tan permanently though, you will have to take a maintenance dose at least once a week for it to continue to work for you.


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