Is Melanotan Possibly The Perfect Drug?


     Well, maybe perfect is a stretch, but it sounds like a ear” perfect drug and it comes in two flavors: Melanotan and Melanotan 2 and yes there is a difference. However, if you are looking for a tan and you don’t care much like sunbathing in the sun, this could be your winning ticket. Melanotan will also put your appetite on hold and if you don’t think about sex as much as you should, it will increase your sex drive. Some minor side effects may enter the picture, but it’s nothing serious and usually those effects will subside in a week. Both melanotan and melanotan 2 are being sold by many pharmacists who back the fact that this product is “safe effective tanning” and the cost is about $300 every three months.

What Is It And How Does Melanotan Work?

     Melanotan is a peptide that will invigorate the natural secretion your body provides. It is made and circulated inside the skin of your body when exposed to UV Rays makes the skin darker. In other words, the more the melanotan in your body, the darker the pigment; ergo, the darker your skin color becomes. Since there is two types of melanotan, the difference between the original and melanotan 2 is it performs a more intense peptide than the original.

Note: Since these are injections provided by vials containing 10 mg of freeze-dried powder, should only have the melanotan 2 once per day and the preferred range of 0.5 to 1-0 mg. Further, if the dosage causes any immediate side effect you should discontinue. Actually, the effect of melanotan 2 is fairly long-lasting and could take a year or more for a cycle to disappear from your body, so be careful in your dosage.


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