No Need to Compromise on Health or Looks

Looking great should always be a balance

Looks can be a rather complex subject. In theory it’s just one part of life. Something that’s important, but which needs to be weighed against other aspects of one’s life or lifestyle. In practice it’s a bit more complex than that. A person’s appearance touches on almost every other part of life. It has to do with overall attractiveness, of course. It’s also tied in with self image, confidence, happiness and even success in life. Appearance in and of itself might not seem like the most important part of life. However, it really carries the weight of many other important parts of life as well.

An argument can be made that the only other thing as important as appearance is health. Just like appearance, health carries the results of other important things in life. There’s only one big problem. Sometimes it seems like one will be forced to choose between health and appearance. Tanning is one of the perfect examples of this issue. Tanning will make someone look great. But it’s usually associated with damage to one’s skin cells. There is another way to look at the issue though. It’s not really the tan that’s unhealthy, it’s the traditional tanning process. There is another way to get a tan than those traditional methods.

A tan without standard tanning

The healthy way to get a great tan is through the use of melanotan. Melanotan can be thought of as a way to instantly turn on the tanning response. Normally tanning only happens as a response to ongoing damage to skin. That’s why tanning tends to take a toll on skin health after a while. Melanotan basically puts the tanning process under someone’s active control. Someone simply needs to take melanotan and get minor exposure to the sun. This will be exposure that’s well within the amount of sun everyone should be getting every day. The tiny bit of sun will release a tiny bit of tanning pigment. But the melanotan will keep that process going even after someone’s gotten out of the sun. And it turns into a tan that’s not just attractive, but also healthy.


Melanotan 101

1Melanotan 2, otherwise known as MT2, is a peptide designed to stimulate your body’s tanning responses with minimal exposures to sunlight. This may be a wonderful way to get a tan without even having to spend weeks out in the sun, going through burning and healing processes. Using MT2, users experience faster tanning and healing to their damaged skin cells than is otherwise considered possible. Thus, it’s especially suited to those whose skin is rather pale – those at greatest risk of skin cancer. How’s MT2 used?

Use and More

This peptide’s shipped by vials in its powder-dried form that reconstitutes using sterile water and is then injected directly under the skin, where it’s absorbed into the skin and spread throughout.

The Benefits

Minimal UV Exposure

MT2 still requires direct exposure to sunlight in order to be fully effective but requires far less time to develop a proper tan than without peptides.


Users may take small loading doses and continue until reaching desired pigmentation, after when they’ll only need to properly dose once every two to keep the same pigmentation.

Lasting Tan

Even if the dosage stops, a warm tan will last for months without full exposure to the sun. In contrast, tans that developed naturally will fade in approximately one month.

Notes and Considerations


It’s difficult to imagine that seemingly reputable sites can sell an ineffective product; you should research before making any purchase, however, as many vendors offer products inferior or falsely labeled. MT II peptide is a common false label used.


Many products on the market sell as tanning peptides – products from nasal spray to pills or even sprinkles on flakes – despite claims of these products being safer and easier to use.

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