Why You Should Use Melanotan For A Natural Sun-Free Tan

Why you should use Melanotan for a natural sun-free tan


Do you love having a sun tan but know just how damaging to your health the sun can be? Have you been going out in the sun lately, and then feeling guilty because you know skin cancer can be a result?

If so, Melanotan may be for you.

What is Melanotan? — It is a peptide that, when taken in pill form, stimulates your body to produce the effects of the sun. What that means is it causes the skin to turn brown

How do you use Melanotan? — When you order melanotan, you will discover upon arrival that it is in powder form. You mix the powder with water in the suggested ratios, and then put the mixture into a provided syringe. You then inject the mixture under your skin.

Upon minimal exposure to the sun, this then spreads throughout your body and a even brown and glowing tan is the result. An even better result is far less exposure to the sun for a darker and prettier tan.

How long does a Melanotan tan last? — It lasts the same amount of time as a regular sun tan does. If you top up with Melanotan every two or three weeks, however, you can expect to have a deep tan permanently with only a few minutes of sun exposure during that time.

Only buy Melanotan — There are plenty of products on the market that say they have the same effect as Melanotan, but zero research to back them up.

That means, if you want a safe, effective tan with just an injection and a few minutes in the sun, then Melanotan should be the avenue you try. After all, doesn’t everybody like to look healthy, and a deep, dark tan definitely helps you do that.


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