Bringing the Best Things in Life Together


The link between beauty and health

When one looks at the natural world it’s easy to be struck by how much simplier things can seem. Animals have the luxury of fairly simple ideas. In particular, they seldom differentiate between beauty and health. If an animal is considered beautiful by other members of that species it’ll usually be in good health. And if the animal is in good health, it’ll be considered attractive to other members of the species. Sadly, humans often have different ideas about the link between health and beauty. Culture tends to move far slower than actual discoveries about what is and isn’t healthy. The end effect is that many things which aren’t very healthy will still evoke a feeling of admiration or envy when we see it. A great example of this is a good tan. It’s been known for some time now that tanning can drastically increase chances of developing any number of serious health problems. Anything from dried and leathery skin to actual cancer. But we still find tans beautiful to look upon. Thankfully, this leads into one amazing thing that humans have the advantage in when compared to any other species. We’re smart enough to develop shortcuts when needed.

A shortcut to the healthy tan

The trick comes from separating a tan from the process of tanning. A tan is simply the accumulation of a pigment called melanin within skin cells. What induces melanin production and distribution is long term exposure to sun related damage. But researchers have created a new substance called melanotan. Melanotan waits for the very first signal of melanin propagation. And instead of having the body release a tiny bit of it the melanotan will ensure that the full store of it is used. This means that one simply needs to get a safe level of short term sun exposure to get a tan. And by doing so one can fully avoid the negative health effects normally associated with tanning.


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