Having Fun Without Needing so Much Sun

1Everyone wants to be beach body ready

Everyone wants to look their best when Summer begins to make itself known. The best case scenario will always involve visions of looking amazing while frockling with friends in the sun. All eyes turned to look in admiration at one’s amazing body. But at the same time there’s a lot of issues with this kind of fun in the sun. Usually looking one’s best on the beach will involve a great tan. And that, in turn, will also usually involve some quite significant health risks. To be healthy in the sun means using a strong sunblock. But that will also tend to block out any chance of a great tan. It’s an unfortunate compromise that often seems forced on people when Summer approaches. Thankfully though, there finally is a way to have one’s cake and eat it too. One can have a great tan on the beach while also protecting one’s skin against carcinogenic overexposure to the sun. The solution is called melanotan.

Looking great without any risks

Melanotan is a special formula that’s designed to hypercharge one’s ability to tan. Because it’s not having a tan that’s the medical risk. It’s the process of spending huge amounts of time in the sun in order to get that bronzed look. Melanotan acts as a catalyst which acts when the tanning process begins. The second the tanning response starts, melanotan begins to work. It essentially tells one’s body to release a massive amount of its natural tanning agents in response to a very small amount of sunlight. It’s essentially a way to trick the body into thinking that it needs to release a lot of natural pigment to protect against a massive influx of sunlight. But in reality it’s always just a very safe, very small, amount of natural sunlight. But the resulting tan is also naturally amazing.